Vescia is the center most country of the world. It is bordered by the countries of Janden, Oclor, Astrax, and Creysia. Additionally, Vescia directly borders the Adarkar Sea that creates the flowing river that goes throughout every Vescian province.

Vescia’s capitol city shares its name with the country itself. In the city sits Queen Pritia, where she collects the taxes from the other provinces and will occasionally make royal decrees dictating the revision of current laws, the introduction of new laws, or the removal of old laws. Each other province has its own smaller capitol, in which the province’s current baron lives.

The Vescian Provinces
Vescia’s provinces all have their own distinct system of government but follow a similar structure of money flow and power. In the structure, the Pritian province holds a large amount of control in the country and all the other provinces pay taxes to the current queen.

The provinces and their current barons are as follows.

  • Pritian Province – Queen Margaret Pritia
  • Mudel Province – Baron Vincent Mudel VI
  • Gadour Province – Lady Zana Gadour
  • Wrevial Province – Sir Amnon Wrevial
  • Goldfist Province – Abbot Ramas Goldfist

The founding of Vescia and the provinces
The country of Vescia was founded roughly three millennia ago, when a giant known now only as the Betrayer took a stand against his brethren as a human had garnered his sympathy. The human had done so by recounting various tales of cruelty by the giants against the humans, this spurred the Betrayer’s heart and he vowed to protect this human and make it so humans could live in peace with giants instead of in fear of them. The other giants wouldn’t hear of this nonsense, especially the lowly unintelligent hill giants. So the Betrayer hatched a plan to build a marvelous city and place the human that had so spurred his own heart as king of this city and all the land around it, and so with the giant’s help the city known as modern day Vescia was built and named after the first king. Unfortunately, the other giants, though impressed with the architecture of the city, still saw this puny human king as nothing more than a novelty. The king and the Betrayer had begun brainstorming again and this time they had hatched a brilliant plan, and together they went in search of four great human minds. After finding a young monk, seasoned assassin, wise druid, and playful bard the Betrayer had given each human a special power. To the young monk, the giant had given the radiance of the sun so that no matter how dark the world seemed to become he would always find his way back. To the assassin, the ability to always hit his mark so long as he so chose to work with others. For the druid, the giant blessed her with the ability to commune with nature shaping it as the giants did. The bard had received many works of Giant poetry in which magic was suffused into every piece. For the king, the Betrayer gave him the world at large. Very soon after the leaders of the ordnance fire, frost, hill, stone giants had gathered to investigate what the Betrayer had insisted they come for, which was a bout of martial combat between the humans and each ordnance leader individually. After several intense battles, the king and his allies were narrowly able to slay the giant leaders where the betrayer had offered up his own head as he too was an appointed leader of an ordnance. With the leaders of every other ordnance slain, the leader of the ordnance of storm giants had come down from his throne to face the mortals in martial contest. After one final fight, the king and his allies were able to just slay the leader of the storm giants and claim control of this new land.


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